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Can We Still Be Friends? is a podcast that tests the limits of the friendship between Ryan Ebling and Nate Gass, two people who mistake movie taste for personal morality.  Each episode is devoted to one movie they can’t agree on.  As a way of preserving the friendship and reaching common ground, Ryan and Nate revisit the work, discuss/argue the merits or shortcomings, and decide whether their friendship can survive.

Ryan and Nate met each other in college and didn’t quite hit it off.  Based on nothing but firsts impressions, Ryan assumed Nate didn’t like him and vice versa.  Though a film studies class led them to believe they had some things in common, there were enough differences of opinion to keep them from ever talking.

Several years after college, Ryan and Nate had so many mutual friends that conversation became unavoidable.  During these conversations, they found that they got along quite well and became close friends.  However, they also discovered that their opinions differed quite sharply on certain films, music, and tv shows.  The resulting discussions, though heated, often brought them to revisit the offending works and sometimes brought about a new viewpoint.  Other times, it left nothing but an uncomfortable silence in the room.

Whether you’re a film buff or  a casual viewer, Can We Still Be Friends? is a great place to hear impassioned and entertaining discussion between two people who know each other too well and hold their opinions too dear.

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Photo by Jay Jenison.
Taken at Hansa Coffee in Libertyville, IL

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