Change of Plans!

Quick Update- Contrary to what we said in our last episode, we will not be discussing Babel in our next episode. We are liars!

Instead, we’ve decided to do something more festive. We will be watching and discussing the original 1974 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Neither of us has seen this movie, so let’s find out just how much terror we can take. Here’s hoping we at least make it through the whole movie.

What was that noise? Did you hear that!?

Maybe we’ll keep the lights on during this one.

Weigh In: Braveheart

braveheart-melWith Scottish freedom once again on everybody’s minds, Nate thought this would be a good time to force Ryan to watch a movie that he has somehow gone most of his life not seeing: Braveheart.  Long-time listeners of the podcast know how Ryan feels about historical epics, so let us know your thoughts.  When did you first see Braveheart?  How do you feel about it?  Has Mel Gibson’s recent fall from grace colored your opinion?  Do you think it’s good, but it’s no Passion of the Christ?  How do you suggest Ryan approaches this movie, knowing full well he historically has an anti-epic bias?  If they take your land, can they also take your freedom?

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Weigh In: American Movie

American Movie

A few episodes back we opened things up to you, the listener, and asked for recommendations of movies to rewatch and bicker about on the podcast. We’re proud to announce our first listener suggestion episode- the 1999 cult classic documentary American Movie.

Why American Movie? Well, it just so happens to be celebrating its 15th anniversary, we haven’t seen it in forever, and realized we haven’t done a documentary episode yet.

So now, we need to hear from you. Have you seen American Movie? If so, when? And what did you think? Is there anything in particular that you’d like us to bring into the discussion?

If you haven’t seen American Movie, be sure to catch up with it before the episode. See if your local library has a DVD copy or stream it for free on Crackle.