Ep 25: Pitch Perfect


Nate and Ryan get ready for one of the the most anticipated sequels of the year by watching Pitch Perfect, the 2012 film starring Anna Kendrick that struck gold with its acapella take on the classic underdog story.  Pitch Perfect struck a chord with audiences with its blend of humor and pop music, making it a bit of a surprise success when it was released.  In the months that followed, word spread, the soundtrack became the best-selling soundtrack of 2013 (a year after it was released, indicative of how its fame grew somewhat slowly), and had a breakout hit in Anna Kendrick’s performance of “Cups.”

Nate and Ryan discuss if its quality matches its popularity.  Nate brings up some of his own insecurities and personal hang-ups, and both of them mull over the worthiness of an extended puke joke.

What are your thoughts on Pitch Perfect? Are you going to be first in line to see Pitch Perfect 2? How do you feel about Anna Kendrick or Rebel Wilson?  When someone starts singing alone on screen, what is your reaction?  Let us know!

The Post Magazine article Nate mentions about Pitch Perfect’s recording and mixing process.

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