Ep. 30: Mission: Impossible


Inspired by the release of the newest Mission: Impossible installment, Nate and Ryan go back to where it all began (well…began again) and rewatch Brian De Palma’s 1996 action thriller. In the cold light of adulthood, Nate and Ryan discuss whether the things that thrilled them as children still work.  They also try to sort out that convoluted mess of a plot…

Mission: Impossible has been enough of a success to keep packing theaters for almost 20 years. The series typically wows audiences (M:I2 not included), but fails to totally charm critics.  What do you think of the Mission: Impossible movies?  Do you have fond memories of the 1996 reboot?  Where do you fall in the polarizing Tom Cruise debate?  Let us know in all our possible realms, and do us a solid by leaving a rating in iTunes.

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