Next Episode’s Syllabus: Time Out’s Best Animated Movies List


A few have asked why the current poll is limited to our 5 choices. “How could we not have included (blank)?” Aside from the fact that we don’t approve of thinking outside our narrowly defined parameters, the films listed are also coincidentally the Top 5 of Time Out’s 100 Best Animated Movies. Give it a looksy before our next episode, where we will discuss their #1 pick- Pinocchio.

Don’t forget there are other options available. We’re not complete monsters! Email us or call in your personal picks.


Episode 5: The Sandlot

The-SandlotWith summer just around the corner, we discuss a movie from our childhood that makes us long for the days of no school and no responsibilities.  The Sandlot enjoys a place of unalterable honor in many people’s minds, Nate’s included.  Ryan doesn’t hold it in such high esteem.   In this episode, we discuss nostalgia, memory, and how much personal history plays a part in how we watch movies.

Listen, then tell us your thoughts.  Is there a movie from your childhood that you’ll defend till you die?  What sets The Sandlot apart from all the other sports/kids movies in people’s minds?

Episode 4: All About Eve


In this episode, Nate and Ryan tackle All About Eve, a (nearly) universally lauded classic. Nate thinks that maybe the praise is undeserved, and the movie’s reputation has clouded people’s judgement.  Ryan affirms that this movie is as good as everyone thinks because it continues to be relevant and biting.

Inspired by the most recent Academy Awards ceremony, where 80-year-old Kim Novak’s appearance was the subject of ridicule, while all of the Best Actress nominees were over 40, causing Cate Blanchett to remark that there is still a market for well-written, middle-aged female characters, we revisit this 1950 classic that tackled the issue of Hollywood’s revolving door where beauty equals usefulness, and youth equals allure.

In this episode, we mention an article by Self-Styled Siren called “Let’s Talk About Kim Novak.”  It’s definitely worth a read.