Ep. 90: Small Axe

Nate and Ryan discuss Steve McQueen’s ground-breaking anthology series Small Axe. In a Can We Still Be Friends first, we watch and discuss 5 movies as one, and only a masterpiece like Steve McQueen’s Golden Globe nominated series could compel us to attempt something so monumental. Listen in as we break down… Continue reading

Ep. 89: Favorites of 2020 / I’m Thinking of Ending Things / Time

Nate and Ryan pick out their 5 favorite movies of 2020 and take time to dig deeper into I’m Thinking of Ending Things written and directed by Charlie Kaufman, and Time, a moving documentary directed by Garrett Bradley. For this episode, Nate and Ryan each picked a movie from 2020 that they… Continue reading

Ep. 88: The Holiday (2006)

The holiday season winds down as Nate and Ryan discuss The Holiday, the 2006 romantic-comedy from writer/director Nancy Meyers. Listen in as we discuss the highs and lows of all that star power, what this movie gets right, and how much we’ve missed Jude Law. Is The Holiday in your holiday… Continue reading

Ep 87: A League of Their Own

For the second annual T. Hanksgiving, a celebration of all things Tom Hanks, Nate and Ryan are watching A League of Their Own, the 1992 hit directed by the late, great Penny Marshall. Listen in as we discuss Hanks as not quite leading man, praise the strength and brilliance of Geena… Continue reading

Ep 86: The Babadook

Nate and Ryan celebrate the most wonderful fright of the year by re-watching The Babadook, written and directed by Jennifer Kent. We wish you and yours a very merry (and scary) 7th annual Holiday Spooktacular! As usual, we’re celebrating by watching a horror movie, and this year’s choice might be a… Continue reading