Ep. 17: The Ice Storm


In this episode Nate and Ryan finally watch a movie they’ve both been meaning to get around to: The Ice Storm.  Directed by Ang Lee and released in 1997, The Ice Storm explores the ennui of 1970s suburban Connecticut during an unseasonably cold Thanksgiving week, appropriately enough.  Kevin Kline plays Ben Hood, a man dissatisfied with his job, his wife (Joan Allen), his mistress (Sigourney Weaver), and his kids (young Tobey Maguire and Christina Ricci), all of whom happen to  be quite dissatisfied with their lives.  Nate and Ryan discuss the value in watching characters who end up making each other’s unhappy lives just a little more unhappy.

Let us know your thoughts on The Ice Storm, suburbia, disfunctional family movies (or your disfunctional family), Ang Lee, and any other psychological damage you uncover while listening to this episode.

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