Ep. 48: Singin’ in the Rain

As La La Land continues to be an Oscar favorite (14 nominations), Nate and Ryan explore what might be the most revered of all movie musicals: Singin’ in the Rain.  Though Singin’ in the Rain didn’t garner any Oscar wins (and only 2 nominations), it has lived on to be adored by fans, critics, and scholars.  Nate and Ryan talk about whether the dance numbers still dazzle, the love story is still lovely, and if it can still make ’em laugh.

What is your favorite movie musical?  Where does Singin’ in the Rain rank?  Where will La La Land fit in the pantheon of musicals?  Let us know your thoughts!

Correction: In the episode Nate mentions Jean Hagen winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Hagen was nominated but did not win. The Oscar went to Gloria Grahame for The Bad and the Beautiful.

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