Ep. 41: Ghostbusters

3055966-gb-header-castNate and Ryan invite their friend Tim along to rewatch the 1984 hit comedy Ghostbusters, in anticipation of the new reboot.  Many people have cried out against this new film, saying that changing it will “ruin their childhood.”  Since this movie wasn’t really a part of Nate or Ryan’s childhoods, they look at whether the film holds up on its own some 30 years later.  Guest Tim Yoder joins to bring in the perspective of someone who did grow up watching Ghostbusters and isn’t dreading the new version.

Was Ghostbusters a part of your childhood?  What are your memories of the movie?  If you’ve seen it recently, how did it hold up?  If you watched it for the first time as an adult, did it connect with you? Let us know!

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  1. I often replay the line “print is dead” from the movie on Youtube. A ‘B’ movie I have watched several times!

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