Ep. 42: JFK

still-of-kevin-costner-and-wayne-knight-in-jfk-(1991)-large-pictureNate and Ryan revisit Oliver Stone’s controversial classic from 1991: JFK.  Inspired by the incredible light-shedding documentary OJ: Made in America, Nate and Ryan wanted to rewatch another film that explores the details of one of the most famous events in history.  The film follows New Orleans attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) as he dredges up any and all information he can about the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Something about the assassination and subsequent government report seemed off to Garrison so he pursued the truth, even if it meant the collapse of his professional and personal life.  JFK is a quiet classic.  Critics and film historians revere it, but it is rarely brought up among the greats of all time.  Nate and Ryan discuss whether it deserves a place among the best films, or if it is too loose with its blurring of facts and agenda.

Have you recently sat through all of JFK? What do you think about it as a movie, or as a piece of historical art?  What is your opinion of Kevin Costner or Oliver Stone?  Who is more divisive? Let us know!

Frontline panel discussion featuring Oliver Stone – Hollywood & History: The debate over JFK.

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  1. Just got done listening to this one finally. Good stuff as always! “A People’s History…” has been on my to-read list for a while. Maybe I’ll need to bump it up a few spots…

    • Thanks! We’re glad you stuck it out to the end. You’ll need that endurance to get through “A People’s History…” but it’s definitely worth it.

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