Five Great Movies from 1984

In anticipation of our next episode, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of Gremlins, I decided to revisit some of the great films from 1984 that weren’t among the biggest money-makers upon their initial release.  All but three of the top ten money-making films were parts of franchises, either spawning… Continue reading

Episode 6: Pinocchio

Evan Mather joins us once again to discuss Pinocchio, the 1940 Disney Classic that was recently named by Time Out New York as the best animated movie ever made.  Since we hadn’t seen Pinocchio in a long time, we rewatched it to see if we agree with the experts who compiled the… Continue reading

Episode 5: The Sandlot

With summer just around the corner, we discuss a movie from our childhood that makes us long for the days of no school and no responsibilities.  The Sandlot enjoys a place of unalterable honor in many people’s minds, Nate’s included.  Ryan doesn’t hold it in such high esteem.   In this… Continue reading