Ep. 104: Top Gun (feat. Kris Hiew)

Nate and Ryan invite Kris Hiew in to talk about Top Gun, the 1986 hit whose recent hit sequel has Tom Cruise wowing audiences again. Kris and Nate have a long history with Top Gun and bring all that childlike wonder into the conversation. With the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick proving to be one of the biggest movies of the year, listen in as we discuss what it is about the original that has endured almost 30 years later, and what might not work so well.

What are your thoughts on Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick? Let us know!


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Ep. 94: Labyrinth feat. Phil Vickers

Nate and Ryan welcome Phil Vickers back to talk about Labyrinth, one of Phil’s favorite childhood movies, that also happens to be a Jim Henson classic that is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.  Nate and Ryan don’t have the long history with the movie that Phil does, so they discuss what the movie has to offer to people of all ages. Of course there’s also a ton of talk about Muppets and music and David Bowie’s pants.

What’s your history with Labyrinth? Where does Labyrinth rank among other Jim Henson creature movies? What’s your favorite song from Labyrinth? Let us know!

Nina Darnton’s original New York Times Labyrinth review

Labyrinth: the Unsettling Second Character Played by David Bowie by Louisa Mellor


Ep. 91: Coming to America/Coming 2 America

Nate and Ryan discuss the 1988 Eddie Murphy classic Coming to America and its 2021 sequel, Coming 2 America. The original is held in high regard, but the sequel has received mixed reviews, even by ardent fans of the 1988 smash hit that cemented Eddie Murphy’s place as a comedy superstar. Eddie Murphy brings back as many of those in the original cast as he could, but does he bring the magic of the original back?

What does Coming to America mean to you? Is Coming 2 America a worthy sequel? What’s your favorite Eddie Murphy movie? Let us know!



Clown Princes: Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall on Coming 2 America. New York Times.

How Coming to America Flipped the Script on Eddie Murphy’s Career. Vulture.

Coming 2 America review by Odie Henderson. Rogerebert.com.

Coming 2 America review by Eric Kohn. IndieWire.

Ep 80: American Psycho

Nate and Ryan rewatch Mary Harron’s 2000 horror satire American Psycho and discuss how frighteningly timeless her vision of greedy late ’80s masculinity is. Christian Bale’s Patrick Bateman has become iconic, but is he iconic for the right reasons? Listen in as Nate and Ryan talk about the humor and the horror of Patrick Bateman and the interchangeable men in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

Share your thoughts on American Psycho. Where does Patrick Bateman rank among Christian Bale performances? Is the early work of Huey Lewis and the News a little too new wave for your taste? Let us know!

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Ep. 43: Stand by Me

pay-stand-by-meWith Labor Day just behind us, and summer more or less over, Nate and Ryan watch and discuss Rob Reiner’s much loved coming-of-age movie Stand by Me.  Based on a short story by Stephen King, Stand by Me was released 30 years ago, meaning many of its original fans have 10-year-olds of their own.  Nate has watched this movie several times since his childhood, but Ryan had never seen it.  They discuss the oft-overlooked sadness of childhood, death, dead bodies, and (since it’d be depressing to wallow in such dour topics) vomit.  They explore what a movie set in the 50s and made in the 80s could have to say to us 30 years later.

How big a part of your life was Stand by Me?  What do you remember of it?  Does adulthood change your perspective on it at all?  Does Rob Reiner have any more good movies left in him?  Let us know!