Ep. 102: CODA

For this episode, Nate and Ryan watch the most recent Best Picture winner, CODA. Its story of a deaf family portrayed by deaf actors is an important step in diverse representation and storytelling. Even before its historic Oscar win for Troy Kotsur – the first deaf man to win an acting Oscar, CODA was making waves at Sundance when Apple TV+ paid 25 million dollars for distribution rights. A quiet momentum built as Oscar time neared, and the Best Picture win that seemed like a long shot in December 2021 became the sure bet in the weeks before the ceremony. CODA won all three Oscars it was nominated for (the third going to writer/director Sian Heder for her adapted screenplay) and is the rare Best Picture winner that clicked both with audiences and critics. But what do Ryan and Nate think?

What are your thoughts on CODA? Is it deserving of Best Picture? What else could have won? Let us know!


Read The Tension at the Heart of CODA by John Hendrickson (The Atlantic).


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Mini Episode: 2021 Favorites and 100th Episode Invitation

As Nate and Ryan prepare to share the five movies that define them in their 100th episode, they check in to share a few of their favorites from 2021. We also invite you to share the movies that define you (however you define that). Give us all 5 or just name a few definitive movies and you might find yourself featured in our 100th episode!

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Ep. 91: Coming to America/Coming 2 America

Nate and Ryan discuss the 1988 Eddie Murphy classic Coming to America and its 2021 sequel, Coming 2 America. The original is held in high regard, but the sequel has received mixed reviews, even by ardent fans of the 1988 smash hit that cemented Eddie Murphy’s place as a comedy superstar. Eddie Murphy brings back as many of those in the original cast as he could, but does he bring the magic of the original back?

What does Coming to America mean to you? Is Coming 2 America a worthy sequel? What’s your favorite Eddie Murphy movie? Let us know!



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How Coming to America Flipped the Script on Eddie Murphy’s Career. Vulture.

Coming 2 America review by Odie Henderson. Rogerebert.com.

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