Ep. 35: Birdman


This episode contains explicit language.

Following Birdman’s Best Picture win at the Oscars last year, director Alejandro G. Inarritu seems poised once again to be the front-runner this year with his new film The Revenant.  Nate and Ryan have often debated the merits of Inarritu, and his 2005 movie Babel remains one of their most hotly contested arguments.  Their divide continued on the release of Birdman, and with Inarritu still drawing praise and criticism from all corners, it was time to at least open the discussion on this polarizing director.

Let us know your thoughts on Alejandro G. Inarritu.  Is he a genius?  A fraud (ahem, Scott Tobias)?  Visionary?  Annoying?  What do you think of Birdman?  Will The Revenant take home another Oscar for Inarritu?