Ep. 13: American Movie

Screenshot 2014-02-24 18.03.47In this episode, Nate and Ryan discuss the listener-suggested, landmark 1999 documentary American Movie.  Director Chris Smith profiles independent filmmaker Mark Borchardt, a Milwaukee native who dreams of finally making the film that has been brewing inside him from childhood.  With aspirations only outsized by his debts and with self-motivating talk that only barely drowns out the detracting voices of his family, Borchardt gathers together friends and other aspiring filmmakers to help complete “Coven.”

While American Movie is held in high esteem, it has its fair share of critics who question the attitude the audience is supposed to take toward Borchardt.  As always, Nate and Ryan don’t shy away from the tough questions and tackle those issues head-on, man.

American Movie is streaming on Crackle.

During the episode we mention this recent interview with director Chris Smith on The Dissolve.

Also, we spend some time talking about Jodorowsky’s Dune. We both highly recommend it.