Ep. 53: Marie Antoinette

In 2006, Sofia Coppola’s follow-up to her Oscar-winning smash Lost In Translation was the hotly anticipated, but tepidly received Marie Antoinette.  She recently returned to the spotlight as she won Best Director at Cannes with her most recent film The Beguiled.  With the middle of summer bringing the celebration of Bastille Day, Nate and Ryan decided to watch Coppola’s unique historic vision to see how it has aged more than a decade later.  They discuss what makes Sofia Coppola great, what people might have missed the first time around, and revel in Sofia Coppola’s infectious coolness.

Let us know your thoughts on Marie Antoinette and Sofia Coppola!

Since we recorded the episode, we found these great articles on Marie Antoinette that echo our thoughts.   There’s this great revisit by Dana Schwartz at Mic.com and this reflection from David Ehrlich at IndieWire.  We’re excited to share their views and are comforted knowing that our thoughts line up with reflective and thoughtful writers we admire.