Ep 70: Children of Men

Nate and Ryan invite back special guest Evan Mather to talk about Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 Children of Men.  Though not especially successful on its release, Children of Men has received new attention as critics and fans can’t help but notice that Cuaron seemed to know exactly what issues the world would be facing over the next 20 years (with the exception of total infertility).  Nate, Ryan, and Evan discuss what, if anything, Children of Men suggests we do to survive the coming bleakness.  Maybe we just won’t think about it.

Tell us about your experience with Children of Men. Alfonso Cuaron: Great director, or the greatest director? Let us know!


Watch the Children of Men DVD extra The Possibility of Hope. Credits: In this episode the quote pulled from the documentary features Slavoj Zizek and James Lovelock.