Ep 65: Vertigo

Nate and Ryan discuss their first Alfred Hitchcock classic, 1958’s Vertigo.  As the film has gained more and more respect over the years, Nate and Ryan decided that it was time for them to really examine this beloved psychological mind-bender.  Like so many hallmarks of cinema before and since, Vertigo befuddled critics and audiences when it was released, and was kept more or less under wraps by Hitchcock’s estate for several decades.  Nate and Ryan discuss what makes this slow-burn entry into film canon so mesmerizing.

What are your thoughts on Hitchcock?  Is Vertigo rightly up there with his best?  Let us know!

Ep. 29: Gone With the Wind


Nate and Ryan invite back Erick Fortmann to discuss Gone With the Wind, the 1939 classic that has always captivated moviegoers.  However, over time, the reception of the movie and its messages have been called into question.  Most recently, in the wake of the controversy over the Confederate flag, the image of the South and the “lost cause” of the Civil War put forth by Gone With the Wind has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.  Nate, Ryan, and Erick discuss the merits of the movie, the uncomfortable aspects of its message, and try to figure out if there is still a place for Gone With the Wind in contemporary culture and cinema.

As usual, we’d love to hear your thoughts.  What do you think of Gone With the Wind?  Does there come a time where a movie’s antiquated ethics are so far from modern society’s that the movies merits can’t outweigh it?  Should we put Gone With the Wind out to pasture, or would that be a case of ignoring our history, putting us at risk of repeating it?  Is Gone With the Wind as good as everyone thinks?  Let us know!

PS: This episode is best listened to on the front porch with a mint julep.  Bonus points if you’re able to tighten your corset to 18.5″.

Ep. 18: A Christmas Story

ralphie-a-christmas-story-imageNate and Ryan have it out over 1983’s beloved A Christmas Story just in time for the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas movie season. This is one of their earliest film fights, and time has done little to calm the storm.  As with any good blizzard, it’s best to just put another log on the fire, cuddle up, and watch the madness from the safety of your home.

What are your thoughts on A Christmas Story? Is Ryan too sensitive?  Or do you agree with him, but you’ve been afraid to admit it for fear of the backlash?  Is Nate right to join in singing the praises of this holiday classic?  What place does this movie (or any other Christmas movie) have in your annual traditions?

Episode 4: All About Eve


In this episode, Nate and Ryan tackle All About Eve, a (nearly) universally lauded classic. Nate thinks that maybe the praise is undeserved, and the movie’s reputation has clouded people’s judgement.  Ryan affirms that this movie is as good as everyone thinks because it continues to be relevant and biting.

Inspired by the most recent Academy Awards ceremony, where 80-year-old Kim Novak’s appearance was the subject of ridicule, while all of the Best Actress nominees were over 40, causing Cate Blanchett to remark that there is still a market for well-written, middle-aged female characters, we revisit this 1950 classic that tackled the issue of Hollywood’s revolving door where beauty equals usefulness, and youth equals allure.

In this episode, we mention an article by Self-Styled Siren called “Let’s Talk About Kim Novak.”  It’s definitely worth a read.