Ep. 62: The Big Lebowski

Nate and Ryan talk about The Big Lebowski (one of their favorites), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  They welcome back their good friend Tim Yoder to discuss what is so special about this movie and what the expansive cult fan base indicates about its appeal.  Grab a white Russian and lay out on your best rug as we wax philosophical about this cult favorite.

What is your history with The Dude?  What are your favorite lines?  Which lines are you sick of hearing?  Let us know!

Ep. 37: Barton Fink

barton-fink-6Inspired by the recent release of the latest Coen Brothers film Hail, Caesar!, Nate and Ryan revisit Barton Fink. Despite winning three major awards at Cannes in 1991, the film is usually one of the underseen, if not forgotten film in the Coen Brothers Canon.  Though both Nate and Ryan had seen this movie before, neither could really remember what they thought of it.  Like Hail, Caesar!Barton Fink uses old Hollywood as a backdrop for an exploration of art and ambition.  However, the comparisons to any other movie don’t go very far, as Barton Fink is unlike any movie in its genre twisting style.

What are your thoughts on the Coen Brothers?  Have you seen Barton Fink? Have you forgotten it?  Where does it rank among other Coen Brothers movies?  Let us know!

Tony Zhou video mentioned in episode.