Ep 83: Quarantine Check-In

Nate and Ryan talk about what they’ve been watching with all this time on their hands. Listen in as they share recommendations and explore what makes them gravitate to a certain sort of movie during these uncertain times. We apologize for the change in our plans to watch Bend it Like Beckham, but we hope to be back on some sort of schedule soon.

What have you been watching? What is your go-to for comfort viewing? Let us know!

Movies Discussed in this Episode

Death Race 2000
Police Story
The Housemaid
Cinema Paradiso
The Harder They Come
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Good Morning
Le Plaisir
A Room With A View
Murder on the Orient Express
Eyes of Laura Mars
Three Days of the Condor
What’s Up Doc?
Paper Moon
The Lady Vanishes

CWSBF Meets The Beatles

To celebrate the 50th anniversary and Criterion release of The Beatles Hard Day’s Night, Ryan and Nate will spend some time with the fab four in the next episode. In the meantime, here’s a short clip of the lads from Liverpool talking about the movie during their 1964 American tour.

Also, while you’re at it, take the poll and let us know what artist you wish would make a movie. We’ll gather the results, contact the artist, and get this project greenlit!