Episode 3: Gladiator


In preparation for the March 28 release of Darren Aronofsky’s epic Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Nate defends another Russell Crowe epic set in ancient times: Gladiator. Ryan and Nate clash with the fury of slaves forced to fight for their survival.  This is the showdown you’ve been waiting for.

Do you agree with Nate or Ryan?  Do you find yourself getting steamed, just wishing you could set one of us straight? Get involved in the discussion in our comments section!

In this episode, Nate briefly mentions letterboxd.com, which is a great website for tracking, rating, and reviewing movies while following friends to see what they’ve been watching.  Once you set up your free account, follow Nate and Ryan to see what they’re watching.

Surprisingly, this is not a sponsored post. If you know how to get sponsored, let us know. We love free stuff more than we love movies.