Ep 82: Mikey and Nicky

Nate and Ryan watch an under-seen gem in Elaine May’s curve ball of a gangster movie, Mikey and Nicky. The story of the making of the movie is almost as quietly legendary as the film itself, as May shot an unbelievable 1 million feet of film and took 3 years editing the movie while her studio waited impatiently. The resulting movie is unlike anything before or since: a tense, funny, sad night spent with tense, funny, unlikable, deep, and enduring characters. Listen in as Nate and Ryan discuss the highs and lows of a movie that should be more widely known.

Have you seenĀ Mikey and Nicky? Where does it rank among gangster movies for you? Would you even call this a gangster movie? Where does Ned Beatty rank among movie assassins? Let us know!

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