Ep. 94: Labyrinth feat. Phil Vickers

Nate and Ryan welcome Phil Vickers back to talk about Labyrinth, one of Phil’s favorite childhood movies, that also happens to be a Jim Henson classic that is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.  Nate and Ryan don’t have the long history with the movie that Phil does, so they discuss what the movie has to offer to people of all ages. Of course there’s also a ton of talk about Muppets and music and David Bowie’s pants.

What’s your history with Labyrinth? Where does Labyrinth rank among other Jim Henson creature movies? What’s your favorite song from Labyrinth? Let us know!

Nina Darnton’s original New York Times Labyrinth review

Labyrinth: the Unsettling Second Character Played by David Bowie by Louisa Mellor


Ep. 57: Willow

For some reason, something about November makes us want to watch movies with wizards.  As per a listener suggestion, we’re watching Willow, the 1988 George Lucas-conceived, Ron Howard-directed fantasy epic.  For many people, Willow was a special part of their childhood, but in the pantheon of classic children’s movies, Willow rarely seems to enter the conversation.

Listen in as we explore Willow‘s merits and absurdities and discuss whether it’s something we’d pass on to our children.

Is Willow a part of your childhood?  Does it still hold up?  What is your favorite Willow memory?  Let us know!