Ep 66: Halloween (1978)

For the 5th Annual Holiday Spooktacular, Nate and Ryan discuss another bona fide classic, John Carpenters’ Halloween.  John Carpenter’s cheap, fast horror flick defied the odds and set a new standard for the genre, and as it’s celebrating its 40th anniversary, it seemed like the perfect time to relive “the night HE came home.” Listen as Nate and Ryan discuss Halloween‘s legacy and how the movie looks 40 years and 11 sequels later.

What’s your history with Halloween?   Where does it rank among horror movies for you? Who’s the scariest horror movie villain?  Let us know!

And don’t forget to check out Halloween Unmasked. The Ringer’s excellent podcast about all things Michael Myers hosted by Amy Nicholson.

Ep. 56: The Thing (1982)

Welcome to our 4th Annual Holiday Spooktacular.  This year, Nate and Ryan discuss John Carpenter’s The Thing, a 1982 horror flop that has become a bona fide classic.  Listen as they discuss what has made The Thing into such a beloved film and how it has aged over the past 35 years.  This is also Can We Still Be Friends first John Carpenter movie, and we were glad to have the chance to celebrate another master filmmaker.

Is The Thing one of your go-to horror movies?  What are your thoughts on it?  Where does it rank among horror movies?  Where does it rank among Kurt Russel movies?  How long was it before you slept soundly after that stomach bit off those hands?  Let us know!

Ep. 45: The Wicker Man (1973)

thewickermanIt’s our 3rd Halloween episode, and Nate and Ryan are taking the opportunity to watch The Wicker Man, another classic horror movie that’s always been on their list.  Though it had an inauspicious release in 1973, The Wicker Man has become the epitome of a cult classic, with various versions making the rounds over the years.  It’s often cited by filmmakers as one of the most influential horror movies ever made.

So does The Wicker Man hold up after all these years?  Where does The Wicker Man rank for you among horror movies?  Have you seen the Nicolas Cage remake?  Why would you do that?  Let us know!

Ep. 32: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger

As Halloween approaches, Nate and Ryan prepare by watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, the slasher classic written and directed by horror master Wes Craven.  A Nightmare on Elm Street helped write the rules for slasher horror pics and was the forebearer to a number of imitation slasher cash-ins.  Freddy Krueger has since become one of the most recognizable movie villains.  However, through a number of sequels, his terrifying presence gave way to a much snarkier, less ominous persona over the years.

Does A Nightmare on Elm Street still scare you?  How has it held up over the years?  What horror movies should we absolutely see?  What are your go-to scary movies every Halloween?  Let us know…

Ep. 15: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


As trees shed their leaves, and people frantically find ways to make a sexy version of any and every costume, Nate and Ryan celebrate Halloween by watching The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, one of the most revered horror films of all time.  Made in 1974 on a small budget and with unknown actors, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre set a standard in horror film that few others have reached.  This is the first time Nate and Ryan have seen director Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece, and once they manage to stop screaming, they find a way to talk about it.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is often found near the top of any list that ranks the top horror films.  It was number 3 on Time Out London’s list of 100 Best Horror Films, it was number 5 in a recent Rolling Stone reader’s poll earlier this month, and just today, the good folks over at The Dissolve ranked it number 1 on their list of The 30 Best American Independent Horror Films.  With all this acclaim, it has moved from cult classic to essential viewing.

Share your thoughts on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and on horror films in general.  What’s your favorite horror film?  Do you love The Texas Chain Saw Massacre? What draws you to horror films, or what repels you?