Ep. 118: Past Lives

For this episode, Nate and Ryan picked from the slate of Best Picture nominees and decided to re-watch Past Lives, their favorite movie from 2023, and a stunning directorial debut from playwright Celine Song. While it’s not a front-runner for any Oscars, Past Lives has been widely recognized as something special, which is saying something, given how strong the field was this last year. It’s unexpected Golden Globe nominations put Past Lives on many people’s radar, and a slew of nominations (and a few wins) followed. Listen in as we talk about what makes this movie so special and why it deserves all the love it gets.

What are your thoughts about Past Lives? Let us know!


Celine Song interview on the Scene 2 Seen Podcast


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Ep 20: Slacker


Inspired by the Oscar chances of Richard Linklater’s brilliant film Boyhood, Nate and Ryan go back to where it all began for Linklater and watch his breakout 1991 film Slacker.  Slacker is often praised as one of the landmark films of the early ’90s independent film renaissance and served to jump start Linklater’s long career.  However, as can be the case with “important” films, has Slacker’s reputation outshone its merit?  Nate and Ryan discuss their feelings on the film and try to figure out if a movie so perfectly of its time has anything to offer moviegoers nearly 25 years later.

Share your thoughts on Slacker, Dazed and Confused, or any other Richard Linklater films.  When did you first see Slacker?  How has it aged?