Ep. 33: Goldfinger


Nate and Ryan reach way back into the James Bond archives to watch Goldfinger, the third installment of the James Bond franchise, starring Sean Connery.  As Daniel Craig’s latest Bond adventure Spectre hit theatres, Nate watches one of Ryan’s favorite Bond films for the first time.  Nate and Ryan discuss how well some of the classic Bond elements have aged.  Released in 1964, Goldfinger is often listed as one of the best Bond movies of all time.  For many, Goldfinger is where the Bond franchise hit its stride, and several archetypal Bond beats and spy movie tropes have their origins here.

Are you a Bond fan?  Where does Goldfinger rank for you?  What do you like or dislike about Bond?  Also, the heavy-hitter: Who is the best James Bond?  Let us know!