Ep. 114: Bringing out the Dead

Nate and Ryan watch Bringing out the Dead, a Gap Year movie by one of their favorite directors, Martin Scorsese. Released in 1999, Bringing out the Dead was largely ignored by audiences and remains one of Scorsese’s forgotten works. Listen in as Nate and Ryan dig into the merits of this underappreciated gem. If you haven’t seen Bringing out the Dead, check it out and discover one of Scorsese’s most complicated  (and chaotic) examinations of the intersection of humanity and divinity.

If you have seen Bringing out the Dead, tell us your thoughts! Where does it rank among the many Scorsese masterpieces? Let us know!

Read Fran Del Pizzo’s great essay on the movie: Bringing Out the Dead: Scorsese’s Tale of Guilt and Compassion

Ep. 62: The Big Lebowski

Nate and Ryan talk about The Big Lebowski (one of their favorites), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  They welcome back their good friend Tim Yoder to discuss what is so special about this movie and what the expansive cult fan base indicates about its appeal.  Grab a white Russian and lay out on your best rug as we wax philosophical about this cult favorite.

What is your history with The Dude?  What are your favorite lines?  Which lines are you sick of hearing?  Let us know!