Ep 77: Ed Wood

Nate and Ryan re-watch Tim Burton’s 1994 homage to the world’s worst director, Ed Wood, to celebrate the 6th annual Holiday Spooktacular! Tim Burton and Johnny Depp teamed up to bring the life and work of Ed Wood to new audiences, and in the process, offered a celebration of underdogs and outsiders and earned Martin Landau an Oscar for best-supporting actor. 1994 saw Burton and Depp still establishing their identities in Hollywood. In the 25 years since its release, Burton has found a wheelhouse in family movies that offer a “dark-lite” version of his early edginess, while Johnny Depp seems to be happy being Johnny Depp in recent roles.

What are your thoughts on Ed Wood? When were Johnny Depp and/or Tim Burton at their best? Do you believe that movies can be so bad they’re good? Let us know!

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Ep. 32: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger

As Halloween approaches, Nate and Ryan prepare by watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, the slasher classic written and directed by horror master Wes Craven.  A Nightmare on Elm Street helped write the rules for slasher horror pics and was the forebearer to a number of imitation slasher cash-ins.  Freddy Krueger has since become one of the most recognizable movie villains.  However, through a number of sequels, his terrifying presence gave way to a much snarkier, less ominous persona over the years.

Does A Nightmare on Elm Street still scare you?  How has it held up over the years?  What horror movies should we absolutely see?  What are your go-to scary movies every Halloween?  Let us know…