Ep. 90: Small Axe

Nate and Ryan discuss Steve McQueen’s ground-breaking anthology series Small Axe. In a Can We Still Be Friends first, we watch and discuss 5 movies as one, and only a masterpiece like Steve McQueen’s Golden Globe nominated series could compel us to attempt something so monumental. Listen in as we break down each movie and discuss the impact of the anthology as a whole.

What are your thoughts on Small Axe? What is your favorite Steve McQueen film? Which of the 5 episodes stands out for you? Let us know!

14:22 – Mangrove

23:47 –Lover’s Rock

38:08 – Red, White, and Blue

46:15 – Alex Wheatle

56:50 – Education


Watch – Esquire interview with Steve McQueen on Small Axe, racist inequality in the UK, and the summer’s Black Lives Matter protests

The Music of Steve McQueens Small Axe Series – American Songwriter interview with music supervisor Ed Bailie