Ep. 26: Mad Max


With all the feverish praise that George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is garnering, Nate and Ryan watch and discuss the film that started it all, 1979’s Mad Max, starring Mel Gibson.  Set in the near future, Mad Max tells the tale of a decaying world where roaming biker gangs terrorize peaceful pockets of well-meaning people.  The only defense against these brutes is a fast-driving, leather-wearing police force.  When the attacks hit close to home, Max gets aggressive.

As usual, Nate and Ryan find something to split their opinions over, so get ready for spirited discussion of what makes a good action scene and the distracting sounds of leather. We should apologize in advance for some of the colorful language in this episode.

Let us know your thoughts! Does Mad Max deserve its place among the greatest films of all time? Have you seen Fury Road?  What do you look for in an action movie?

Ep. 14: Braveheart


In this episode, Nate rights a nearly 20-year wrong and gets Ryan to watch Braveheart for the first time.  Nate’s been a fan since childhood, and given Ryan’s well known aversion to epic period movies, this has the makings of a battle worthy of…well, an epic war movie.  With Scottish freedom on our minds, it’s only right that we honor the recent vote in Scotland with one of the most revered movies about Scottish freedom.

Braveheart is a very loose retelling of the fight of William Wallace to fight for the freedom of Scotland and to avenge the death of his wife.  The kilts, blood, meaningful gazes, and political backstabbing is in full force, as Gibson brings the violent war epic together with romance in a film the whole family will enjoy!

As always, tell us what you think about what we think about Braveheart.  Are you one of those who have loved it as much as you’ve always loved it?  Has your love waned over the years?  Has it been nearly 20 years since you’ve seen it?  Does Mel Gibson’s charm still make you swoon?