Ep 24: The Net

uBqa8nPu3HUtfSHtWqo7VhYG0UcFor this episode, Nate and Ryan watched The Net, the 1995 thriller starring Sandra Bullock.  The movie celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and with the recent passage of Net Neutrality by the FCC, they decided to watch this cautionary tale of the dangers of the internet.  Truth be told, Nate and Ryan were pretty much just interested in seeing what people thought of the internet in the 1990s.  Turns out, The Net was right about a lot of things.  Sort of.

Even if you haven’t seen The Net (and we’re not saying you should), this episode has plenty for everyone. Listen to Nate and Ryan discuss the 1990s thriller genre, alarmist technophobes, how The Net almost became a timeless movie, and whether Sandra Bullock can save a terrible script.

Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts! Did you see The Net?  Why would you do that?  What good techno-thrillers can you think of?  What do you think of Sandra Bullock?

Check out the John Oliver/Edward Snowden segment Nate and Ryan mention in the episode.