Ep. 50: Network

Note: This episode and its clips contain language not suitable for all audiences.  Also, as might be expected, this episode is pretty politically charged.  We welcome your comments (and your anger), but please keep it civil.

For their 50th episode, Nate and Ryan take a look at how Network (1976) and its political anger speak to today’s world.  Paddy Chayefski’s screenplay, directed by Syndey Lumet is often hailed as one of the most prescient and relevant movies of all time.  Since its release, the film’s angry criticism of corporate greed has struck a chord with people.  Nate and Ryan discuss what has made this film have such a lasting impact and what it has to say for us today.

What are your thoughts on Network?  How has its anger held up?  Are you mad as hell? If so, are you going to take it anymore?  Let us know!