Ep 86: The Babadook

Nate and Ryan celebrate the most wonderful fright of the year by re-watching The Babadook, written and directed by Jennifer Kent. We wish you and yours a very merry (and scary) 7th annual Holiday Spooktacular! As usual, we’re celebrating by watching a horror movie, and this year’s choice might be a little bit too on-the-nose for 2020 and the time of quarantine. The fear is in full effect this year, though the fears might be more familial than top-hatted-monster based.

So don you now your spookiest Holiday cheer, join in the fun of another Holiday Spooktacular, and make sure you don’t let him in!


The Babadook Is a Frightening, Fabulous New Gay Icon by Eren Orbey – The New Yorker (2017)