Ep. 113: Predator

Nate and Ryan get in the summer blockbuster mood by watching Predator (1987) for the first time. As part of our Gap Year series, we’re catching up on this action classic over 35 years later. As often happens, Predator is now looked at quite differently from when it was first released. Nate and Ryan share their first impressions and whether or not another over-the-top action movie is an appropriate means of critiquing over-the-top action movies. Get to the choppa for a ride full of explosions, biceps, and foreign policy that oversteps through overuse of military! As always, let us know your thoughts on this movie!



Predator Turns 35: A Look Back at Sci-Fi’s Most Subversive Creature Feature by Cole Burgett (Christ and Pop Culture)

Predator: Why is it So Good? – Rossatron on YouTube

Predator: The Smartest Genre Mash-Up Ever? Probably!Patrick (H) Willems on YouTube

Every Predator Movie is Worth Watching by Jesse Hassenger (Polygon)



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