Episode 9: A Hard Day’s Night

The Beatles perform in A Hard Day's Night

Nate and Ryan welcome Evan Mather back to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of A Hard Day’s Night, starring The Beatles and directed by Richard Lester. Along with their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, A Hard Day’s Night was America’s first introduction to The Beatles.  What was originally conceived as a money-making venture to capitalize on the popularity of The Beatles, turned out to be a smart, funny, subversive take on fame and the entertainment industry, all while successfully making a ton of money.

Nate, Ryan, and Evan discuss the movie’s enduring commentary on fame and popularity, authority and freedom, and the quality of popular art.  They also discuss whether being a Beatles fan has a bearing on your enjoyment of A Hard Day’s Night. So even if you aren’t a fan of the Fab Four, find a copy of the newly released Criterion Collection version of the film.  BONUS: Giggle along with the boys as they discuss which Beatle is their favorite.

Find out more information about the Criterion version and watch some of the special features here.

Ryan mentions that the folks over at The Dissolve made A Hard Day’s Night their Movie of the Week earlier this year.  Read Keith Phipps’ keynote on the film, as well as their forum discussion.

Also, check out Colin Fleming’s great article about the deep art of A Hard Day’s Night.

As always, let us know your thoughts in our comment section!  Are you more of a Paul or a John?  You’re not a Ringo are you?