Ep. 101: Spirited Away

Nate and Ryan talk about Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-winning masterpiece, Spirited Away. Miyazaki is undoubtedly a legend of cinema, and with Spirited Away celebrating the 20th anniversary of its US release, the time is perfect to revisit one of the most iconic animated films of all time. Whether it’s the first time or you’ve seen it before, watch with us and join the conversation!

What are your favorite Miyazaki movies? Where does Spirited Away rank for you among animated movies? Let us know!


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Episode 6: Pinocchio

n8v2ugyc3DPYiU68d0XqNKWNQIvEvan Mather joins us once again to discuss Pinocchio, the 1940 Disney Classic that was recently named by Time Out New York as the best animated movie ever made.  Since we hadn’t seen Pinocchio in a long time, we rewatched it to see if we agree with the experts who compiled the list.  We also discuss some of our favorite animated movies.

What do you think should have made the list that didn’t?  What was unjustly ranked too high or too low?  What would you put at number one?