Ep. 12: Garden State


Ten years after the release of Garden State, writer/director/star/punching bag Zach Braff has come out with a new movie, Wish I Was Here.  The reception was ambivalent to negative, a stark contrast to the general reception of Garden State.  Nate and Ryan hadn’t seen Garden State in years, but couldn’t help but notice that the general perception of the film and of Braff has been quite venomous.  They decide to rewatch the film to try to determine if the backlash is warranted.

Garden State tells the story of a depressed struggling actor played by Braff, who goes home for the first time in nearly ten years following the death of his mother.  He is given a new outlook on life when he meets an unsettling a quirky young woman (Natalie Portman) who helps him enjoy life.

After listening, tell us your thoughts.  Have you rewatched it recently?  Is there anything we missed?  Jump into the discussion and add your thoughts.