Weigh In: American Movie

American Movie

A few episodes back we opened things up to you, the listener, and asked for recommendations of movies to rewatch and bicker about on the podcast. We’re proud to announce our first listener suggestion episode- the 1999 cult classic documentary¬†American Movie.

Why American Movie? Well, it just so happens to be celebrating its 15th anniversary, we haven’t seen it in forever, and realized we haven’t done a documentary episode yet.

So now, we need to hear from you. Have you seen American Movie? If so, when? And what did you think? Is there anything in particular that you’d like us to bring into the discussion?

If you haven’t seen American Movie, be sure to catch up with it before the episode. See if your local library has a DVD copy or stream it for free on Crackle.

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  1. Haven’ts seen it, but watched the trailer last week after you mentioned it. I couldn’t tell if it’s more humorous or poignant…? Movies about sincere but over-optimistic struggling artists (here I’m inferring a lot from the trailer) always kinda bring me down regardless of how funny they’re intended to be. Not sure what that says about my psyche. Still I think I’ll watch it – is it on Netflix?

    • (nevermind I missed what you said about Crackle)

      • Humorous or poignant? Wouldn’t want to give too much away before we record the episode but I imagine that uncertainty will find its way into our discussion. I really hope you do watch it. I still need to rewatch it myself, so all my thoughts for now are based upon pretty faint memories but I would consider myself a huge fan. I know what you mean about laughing at the over-optimistic artist. Will be interesting to see if cruelty comes into the conversation.

  2. One of my favorite movies of all time!

  3. Had not seen this movie, but wanted to watch along with you guys. My wife and I were glued to the screen the entire flick.

    This movie to me seems like a wild caricature of what every artist feels like as they create. Mark and I are vastly different human beings, but I’m currently working on my first full length record and somehow found myself understanding some of his struggles.

    I was also just blown away in general by the interactions between characters; a beautiful story about a fast talking deadbeat artist and his best friends who make a film together. Who could make this up? No one could find this foul-mouthed moocher to be completely believable if he were a fabricated character. If I saw a film with a character who was that over the top I’d think it was overdone and a bit much, but it’s legitimately who he is.

    I think I’m still trying to cope with the fact that I started watching thinking it was a mockumentary and it’s not. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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