Weigh In: Punch-Drunk Love

punch-drunk-love2Dust off your opinion-having gloves and shine up your headphones, Nate and Ryan are back!  After a small holiday break, Nate and Ryan return to discuss Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love.  Both Ryan and Nate are huge PT Anderson fans, but it’s been a while since Nate’s seen Punch-Drunk Love.

We want to hear your thoughts: How do you feel about PT Anderson?  Where does Punch-Drunk Love rate among his movies?  What do you think of Adam Sandler?  Do you even like Punch-Drunk Love? Let us know!

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  1. I love punch drunk love and it’s probably my favorite P.T. Anderson film (and I believe I’ve seen nearly all of them), even though I’m tempted to like his more epic films simply because they’re epic. I love how vulnerable Adam Sandler is, how he is able to convey a lot of raw emotions, and I love how much he adores Emily Watson. Also Mattress Man is a classic character. Finally, the surrealist touches are really powerful to me. For instance, sometimes Magnolia was overplayed–it tried really hard to mean something and to connect things. But the simplicity of the narrative is what helps give this film a strong and believable emotional core.

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