Weigh In-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

top-5-best-horror-films-based-on-true-events-98ad9d92-2c8b-4f2b-90af-8cc4534473abTo get into the holiday spirit, Nate and I decided to watch one of the founding fathers of the slasher genre, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The movie is celebrating its 40th anniversary and neither Nate nor I have seen it, so we have no idea what’s in store.  Our current plan is to split up.  I’ll go upstairs; Nate will go downstairs.  Beyond that, we’re not sure.  I plan on leaving my cell phone in the car just because I don’t want to lose it in that dark house.

Nate just said he’s going to leave his in the car too, because, in his words, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and I couldn’t agree more.

Until we get back, why don’t you tell us what you think of this movie?  Have you seen it?  Does it deserve its place at number 3 on Time Out London’s top 100 horror movies?  If you haven’t seen it, what’s keeping you?  What do you think of horror movies?  Slasher films?  What are some horror movies you like?

Sorry, we have to go.  There’s this really awesome looking doll in the window of this house that I just noticed.  Nate just saw it too.  He even said, “Funny.  I don’t remember seeing that doll there before,” as I wrote that.  Ha.  Something tells me this is going to be just the weekend getaway I need.


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  1. There have been so many references to this movie and re-iterations that is is hard to separate everything and think only of this film for the classic slasher pioneer that is was. So I though I would comment on some of my faintest off-memories of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    First, there is the reference in the Carl Reiner summer classic, “Summer School.” Who could forget Dave and Chainsaw’s enthusiasm. It is also the movie that made me fall head-over-heals with Courtney-Thorne Smith.

    Then there is the recent Michael Bay remake with Jessica Biel. She might be the only thing worth watching in this version (that should tell you how good it is).

    Of course the latest installment should be skipped like a bloody doorpost during Passover . . . too much?

    Anyway, I know this doesn’t help with a reaction to the 1974 classic but I think it should be a fun viewing for you both Turn off the lights and make sure your snuggle-blankets are close.


  3. Watching tonight- I have my snuggie ready for just this occasion.

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