Ep. 117: The Holdovers and Our Plans for 2024

Nate and Ryan discuss the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated Alexander Payne comedic drama The Holdovers. Much has been made of the reunion of Paul Giamatti and Alexander Payne after 20 years. Added to their alchemy are Da’Vine Joy Randolph (in yet another standout performance) and newcomer Dominic Sessa. What results is a throwback comedy that unfolds in emotional and unexpected ways. Nate and Ryan talk about how Payne and Co. create a lived-in atmosphere and whether The Holdovers has the goods to be in the annual watch rotation. On top of all that, hear their plans for this year’s theme!

What are your thoughts on The Holdovers, and what movies should we talk about in future episodes this year? Let us know!


Read Wesley Morris’s review of The Holdovers (New York Times)

Watch The Holdovers trailer


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