Mini Episode: Listener Questions and September Movie Announcement

Nate and Ryan are back with a brief update for the next episode and a response to a listener question about our 2014 episode about The Avengers. Listen in as they revisit their predictions and reactions from 7 years ago and reflect on how their ideas hold up now that the… Continue reading

Ep. 95: Hamilton feat. Bradley Rettler

Nate and Ryan welcome Ryan’s long-time friend Dr. Bradley Rettler to discuss Hamilton, the 2015 Broadway hit that made its film debut on Disney+ in 2020. Listen in as they discuss what there is to love about Lin-Manuel Miranda’s complex musical, what is different about watching the show 6 years later,… Continue reading

Ep. 94: Labyrinth feat. Phil Vickers

David Bowie in Labyrinth

Nate and Ryan welcome Phil Vickers back to talk about Labyrinth, one of Phil’s favorite childhood movies, that also happens to be a Jim Henson classic that is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.  Nate and Ryan don’t have the long history with the movie that Phil does, so they discuss… Continue reading

Ep 93: The Tree of Life feat. Kelsey Ebling

Nate and Ryan welcome very special guest Kelsey Ebling (Ryan’s wife) to discuss The Tree of Life, Kelsey’s most recent favorite movie. In 2011, The Tree of Life was Terrence Malick’s long-awaited return after more than a decade, and his semi-autobiographical mediation on grief, God, and grace was highly praised by… Continue reading