Ep 84: American History X

Reflecting on their own history with learning about racism, Nate and Ryan re-watch American History X. As it was for so many people (especially white men) their age, American History X served as one of the first visceral looks at racism in modern America. However, the rhetoric of Edward Norton’s Derek Vineyard… Continue reading

Ep 83: Quarantine Check-In

Nate and Ryan talk about what they’ve been watching with all this time on their hands. Listen in as they share recommendations and explore what makes them gravitate to a certain sort of movie during these uncertain times. We apologize for the change in our plans to watch Bend it Like… Continue reading

Ep 81: Bridget Jones’s Diary

Nate and Ryan watch Bridget Jones’s Diary and discuss their feelings about it, until they turn their critical eyes on themselves. The episode ends up being quite a departure for CWSBF as we realize just how problematic it is that we feel the need to weigh in on movies that aren’t… Continue reading